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Adam Jungeblut

Adam Jungeblut

North Katy Pastoroffice: 832-222-8282

Adam and his family were part of the launch team for Parkway Fellowship from the very beginning.  Adam went from being a member to becoming a pastor in August of 2004.  He serves as the Campus Pastor at the North Campus.  He is responsible for the spiritual growth, staff, direction, and vision casting for the North Campus.  

Adam and his beautiful wife, Robyn, have lived in the Greater West Houston area since they were married in 2001.  They have four children William (2004), Avery (2006), Lilly (2009), and Elizabeth (2012).  One of Adam’s greatest joys is spending time with his family.  

Adam also enjoys eating unhealthy foods, quoting movies as much as possible, heckling referees and umpires at sporting events, thinking about exercise and maybe following through with it, and knowing he has always been his parents' favorite child.  

Two Truths & One Lie about Adam:
  • Adam has driven a United States Aircraft Carrier
  • Adam once hit a hole-in-one while playing golf at Pebble Beach
  • Adam has beaten Lance Armstrong in a triathlon

(Find him on a Sunday to ask him which are true and which is false.)