Family Feuds

Sibling rivalry, estranged family members, rebellious children and other forms of family conflict is not unique to our society–or even our century! Families have been under attack since the book of Genesis when Adam blamed Eve for his sin and when Cain killed Able. The Bible is filled with stories of family turmoil and sinful patterns which get passed down through generations; but, these stories also teach us how to live in a spirit of love, grace, and forgiveness that will grow your family together and ensure God's blessings for generations to come!

  • October 21         Sarai vs Hagar: When Jealousy Rears it's Ugly Head
  • October 28         Jacob vs Esau: Lies Rip the Fabric of the Family
  • November 4       Joseph vs His Brothers: Playing Favorites Aint Favorable
  • November 11     Judah vs Tamar: Selfishness Leads to Self-destruction
  • November 18     David vs Absalom: Absentee Fathers Create Absentee Sons