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Finishing Strong

This is the time in the semester when many leaders are starting to feel tired and the issue of burnout starts to creep in. All of us who have ever lead a small group have felt this way at some point in time and we want to share with you some three tips which where shared on North Point Church's Group Leader Blog

1.) Remember your purpose.

Burnout or boredom are often byproducts of misunderstanding your role as a group leader. It’s your job to create a safe environment where people can grow spiritually and connect with one another. You provide opportunities, but it’s up to group members show up, join in, and be real.

2.) Be proactive.
When you’re faced with a challenging group situation or difficult interpersonal dynamics, it’s easy to become reactive. You may feel whipsawed and helpless. This can lead to a desire for a break from leadership.  Instead of running, re-engaged with a clear purpose. Remember why your group exists (to grow people to spiritual maturity), and do something to engage in that purpose. Maybe you need to take on a service project. Maybe you need to shake up the way you pray for one another. Maybe you need to have a conversation about tensions within the group and make an effort to reset everyone’s expectations of what being in group is all about. Being proactive can reinvigorated and refocus your group.

3.) Ask helpful questions.
Your job as a leader isn’t to make people take the next step on their spiritual journeys. It’s to offer encouragement and guidance. Taking the next step is up to them. One of the best ways you can encourage and guide your group members is by asking questions—questions that encourage them to move in God’s direction and help them to own their spiritual growth. 

Here are some examples of helpful questions:

  • If this group is the best group you are ever a part of, how will you be different at its conclusion?
  • What is holding you back from moving to a more intimate relationship with God?
  • What can you do to step out of your comfort zone?

Don’t give up on leadership. Remember that God grows you through the ups and downs. Even when you face challenges and difficulties, God will use them to grow you. Keep encouraging those you lead. Keep asking the questions that no one else is asking. Don’t let leadership get boring.

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10 Great Fellowship Night Ideas

We are reaching the point in the semester where many groups are starting to thinking about planning a fellowship night. Rick Howerton who is the Small Groups & Discipleship Specialist at Lifeway Church Resources wrote a great post on 10 ways you can plan a fellowship night for your group.

Fellowship is so much more than events. I sometimes describe biblical fellowship as “a common lifestyle shared by people with common values, making similar sacrifices, and experiencing common communal experiences.”

People who live a life of biblical fellowship are authentic and vulnerable with one another, meet one another’s needs, and do life together — truly. Bible study groups who enjoy biblical fellowship can honestly say that they have shared laughter and tears.

This kind of fellowship seldom happens if the only time a group gets together is for group meetings. Gatherings away from the group time are essential if the group is going to experience transformational fellowship.

Following are a list of options that may be helpful to you and your group as you brainstorm ideas of things you can do together this winter.

  1. Gather around a bonfire snacks and conversation.
  2. Go on a snow skiing adventure.
  3. Host a game night to unleash everyone’s competitive side.
  4. Have a viewing party for the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four.
  5. Enlist group  members to open their homes for a progressive dinner.
  6. Go sledding in a local park.
  7. Attend a concert together.
  8. Venture out for a night of karaoke. (This may not be for all groups.)
  9. Enjoy a movie night at someone’s home or go to the theater together.
  10. Get together to watch an awards shows on television.

We would love to hear your and experiences. What are some things your group has done that aren’t listed?

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