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10 Great Fellowship Night Ideas

We are reaching the point in the semester where many groups are starting to thinking about planning a fellowship night. Rick Howerton who is the Small Groups & Discipleship Specialist at Lifeway Church Resources wrote a great post on 10 ways you can plan a fellowship night for your group.

Fellowship is so much more than events. I sometimes describe biblical fellowship as “a common lifestyle shared by people with common values, making similar sacrifices, and experiencing common communal experiences.”

People who live a life of biblical fellowship are authentic and vulnerable with one another, meet one another’s needs, and do life together — truly. Bible study groups who enjoy biblical fellowship can honestly say that they have shared laughter and tears.

This kind of fellowship seldom happens if the only time a group gets together is for group meetings. Gatherings away from the group time are essential if the group is going to experience transformational fellowship.

Following are a list of options that may be helpful to you and your group as you brainstorm ideas of things you can do together this winter.

  1. Gather around a bonfire snacks and conversation.
  2. Go on a snow skiing adventure.
  3. Host a game night to unleash everyone’s competitive side.
  4. Have a viewing party for the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four.
  5. Enlist group  members to open their homes for a progressive dinner.
  6. Go sledding in a local park.
  7. Attend a concert together.
  8. Venture out for a night of karaoke. (This may not be for all groups.)
  9. Enjoy a movie night at someone’s home or go to the theater together.
  10. Get together to watch an awards shows on television.

We would love to hear your and experiences. What are some things your group has done that aren’t listed?

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