As leaders, we understand that the discussion is at the heart of the Small Group meeting. It's where we open the Bible and really delve into what it says about ____. The challenge often becomes we are so fixated on 'I learned this new insight' or 'I now know this key piece of Biblical knowledge from this passage' that we neglect to then ask how to apply it. 

Starting this week, we would like to challenge you to really drive home the application portion of your discussion time. If you use the James or Ezra-Nehemiah Bible based curriculum, we have made it really easy for you as there is a section on the discussion guide for application. Here are some ways that you can maximize that section:

  • Consider 'cutting out' some questions in earlier sections in order to leave sufficient time for the application section. This can be challenging as it is toward the end of the guide and can be quickly 'glossed over' as you are wrapping up. Planning to allot the proper time for reflection and sharing with the group can maximize it's impact and retention.
  • Challenge your group to share some specific examples of how they are are going to apply what the questions are challenging them to do. This drives the application home and makes it more meaningful and personal.
  • At next week's group meeting, take a few minutes at the beginning and ask the group how they did with applying what they said they were challenged to do. This will not only build accountability in the group, but can also help younger believers start to see the importance of applying scripture to their lives and not just learn it.

Focusing on the application of scripture to our daily lives can be very daunting and a bit challenging at first. But the reward is the impact that it can have on our spiritual lives. Plus, it is a huge part of why we have Small Groups! Isn't it much easier to apply the Bible's truth to your life when you are walking with others who are trying to do the same thing? Our prayer is that God will use this experience to really make an impact in the lives of the people who attend our Small Group and ultimately our world.

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