Impact Worship Service

Impact is a worship experience designed just for students in 6th - 12th grades. It is full of crazy games, videos, a relevant message just for teens, and table discussion. Students will walk away every Sunday with the tools needed to honor God and make a difference on Monday - Saturday.

Impact happens during every adult worship service and each campus. Students are also encouraged to join the adults each week at an additional service time.

Current Series


Think about the last big fight you had. Maybe it was with a friend or a coworker who talked badly about you. Or maybe it was when a coach pulled you out of the game for no reason. Maybe for you, the biggest battles happen at home with someone in your family who seems completely unreasonable. No matter where your battlefield is or who you’re battling with, there’s a good chance it stresses you out. No one likes conflict. Even those of us who enjoy the fight don’t really like the feelings of regret that come afterward. But what else can we do? If avoiding doesn’t work and exploding doesn’t help, do we have any other options? And, is there a way to win the fight without losing a friend? The truth is conflict has been around since…well since humans have been around. It affects everyone. Thankfully, the Bible has something helpful to say to all of us when it comes to conflict in our relationships. And while there’s no guarantee that we’ll never face another battle, we can discover how to make our way through it and have stronger faith and relationships on the other side.