Gather on a Sunday. Connect during the week.

Parkway Fellowship offers programs and services for Adults of all ages and stages of life, including Sundays, small groups, volunteer opportunities. We're a church Katy TX adults can grow in. We have a contemporary worship style coupled with an encouraging and challenging message from God's Word that is full of application and you get a weekly worship service that you won't want to miss. Multiple opportunities to do life with others throughout the week.

Picture of Bibles at Bible Study for Katy Church Parkway Fellowship

What to Expect in Adult Small Groups

Life is better in a Small Group

At Parkway, we seek to build a strong community of believers through our Small Groups. A Small Group is a welcoming place where you grow deeper in your faith as you gather regularly with others. We have groups for kids, students, and adults.


Some Next Steps For You

Become a Christ-follower

Becoming a Christ-follower is not about you doing anything for God. It’s about what God did for you. He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you. And He did that over 2,000 years ago because He knew that you were going to need it. He knew you were going to mess up, going to sin, and need to have those sins forgiven by God. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, his death provides the way for you to have that forgiveness (for everything) and allow you to have a relationship with God here on earth and spend forever in heaven when you die. Watch the video below for more information.

If you prayed with Pastor Mike to become a Christ-follower, we encourage you to do 3 things immediately.

  • Call someone who will be excited for you about your decision and tell them that you have become a Christ-follower.
  • Begin to attend church every week you are able so you can learn more about Christ and grow in your faith.
  • Become baptized as soon as possible.

Get Baptized

Baptism is a visible sign that you have asked Jesus to forgive you for your sin and you are now in a relationship with Him. It signifies your inward reality that you have been washed clean because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. Baptism also identifies you as a follower of Jesus and a member of God’s family.


Learn More About Parkway Fellowship

Our Membership Lunches are a great way to meet other folks who are also new to Parkway, as well as learn more about the things we believe and value. You will also learn how we operate and have a chance to get to know some of our staff. We will even give you the opportunity to become a member if you so choose.



Get Connected

Volunteering on a ministry team is the fastest way to get connected to others at Parkway Fellowship. You will build friendships and camaraderie with those you serve with and you will make connections that will last into eternity.

Use Your Skills

God created each of us with specific talents and gifts which we can use to have a positive impact on others. We have a variety of opportunities to fit everyone’s unique gifts and abilities.

Grow Spiritually

Volunteering at Parkway Fellowship is a great way to grow in your relationship with God and show God’s love to others. By serving others, you demonstrate the attitude Jesus modeled when he walked on earth. In giving of yourself, you’ll discover why Jesus put such a high priority on serving when he said “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others.”


Are you a musician? We have open positions at both locations. Apply here!


Here at Parkway Fellowship we value Missions. We truly believe that missions is something that Christ-followers can do all the time. Missional living begins in Christ-followers’ personal lives and then moves outward to impact the world. Through activities, serving events and trips we hope to share the Gospel with those in our own community, across our nation and around the world. It’s exciting to see our people change the very community we live in, and impact the world by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Adults Volunteering at Katy TX Church Parkway Fellowship

Need prayer or want to get involved in prayer at Parkway?

If My people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. - 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)