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In 2023, Parkway purchased just under 14 acres of land in the heart of Old Katy, at the corner of Morton Rd and Avenue D. Our North Katy location has been in leased space since opening in 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited about building their future permanent home.

  1.  We are running out of room in our current space, especially at our 10:15 service and in our Preschool class.
  2.  Our cost to lease our current space is going up significantly.
  3. The price of land within a reasonable driving of our current location is skyrocketing, while availability is dramatically decreasing. The closest reasonable plot of land is located too far from where most of our current members are, about 1.5 mi from Bridgeland High School. This land didn’t have utilities or a road in, and the price per square foot was almost double the amount that we secured at Ave D and Morton Rd.
  4. Our area is exploding. Johnson Development just purchased 1100 acres to build a new master planned community larger than Cane Island, just two miles from our future home. The opportunity to reach more people is abundant.
  1. Building a worship center for adults.
  2. Building an incredible area for kids ministry and a space created with kids with special needs in mind.
  3. Building an awesome place for students
  4. Creating an outdoor place that will encourage families to come and stay and build deeper relationships and community after church.
  1. Expand the kingdom of God in our lives and in our community
  2. Solidify Parkway Fellowship’s Impact in the Katy community
  3. Cultivate the Spirit of God in the next generation
  4. 100% participation from our church family 
  5. To raise $3 million through one-time and and three-year commitments.
  1. That “Legacy” would expand the Kingdom of God in our lives and in our community 
  2.  Lord, please solidify Parkway Fellowship’s impact in the Katy community
  3.  Cultivate the Spirit of God in the next generation 
  4.  100% of our current attenders would pledge to “Legacy”
  5.  Raise $3 million through 3-year commitments 
  6.  1st time guests would continue to return 
  7.  Guests  would be encouraged and not turned away because of money 
  8.  Speedy favor with the City of Katy, concerning all aspects of this land and building project
  9.  Pray for Studio Red Architects & Harvey Construction 
  10.  Wisdom & favor to be good stewards of God’s resources 
  11.  Wisdom and direction for all building planning decisions 
  12.  Any scheme or deception of the Devil will be foiled/revealed/torn down
  13.  God’s glory & presence to fill our buildings and remain there
  14.  That we would be in our building no later than August of 2024 
  15.  Our church family’s faith would grow through prayer and fasting during this season 
  16.  For everyone fasting, supernatural strength to pray and to endure.  
  17.  Everyone makes it to the end of their commitment.
  18.  Financing terms available for the project will be affordable and favorable to Parkway
  19.  All gifts will be beyond a person’s regular giving
  20.  We would prepare well for the coming growth when we move into our new buildings
  21.  We never lose sight of our vision & mission as a church family 
  22.  We would always maintain that small town church feel! 
  23.  New members and new volunteers would come in abundance 



Here are several of the renderings created by our architecture firm. These will not be the final versions, but are to give you a strong idea of what things will look like.

Construction Update

Here are several pictures of what the construction site currently looks like! We will continue to update this as we get in new pictures. Keep on praying for good weather!


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