Parkway Fellowship is a church of groups: large groups, small groups and also medium-sized groups. Medium-sized groups are not as big as a Sunday morning worship service, but also not as small as meeting in someone’s home. This makes our ‘mid-sized’ groups are a great place to connect further with people who also attend Parkway Fellowship.

We offer three different mid-sized groups that meet monthly and are the perfect place for people who are new or recently began attending Parkway to ‘plug into’ Group life by gathering together monthly.

For more information on monthly gathering, please email us at

Mens Mid Month Gathering at Parkway Fellowship

Monthly Men’s Gathering

The Men’s Gathering is an event is designed for you to network with other men at Parkway while enjoying breakfast and bible study together. 

Upcoming Summer Dates:

May 13
August 12

womens mid month gathering

Monthly Women’s Gathering

The Women’s Gathering is an evening of incredible connection, worship, teaching, and prayer with other women from Parkway. 

Upcoming Summer Dates:

May 12
August 11

Young Adults Gathering

Tabernacle, our Young Adults Gathering, is a place where people 19-29 years old can worship and fellowship together.

Upcoming Spring Dates:

May 2

Upcoming Summer Dates:

June 6
July 4
August 1