Date: January 12th – 15th, 2024
Location: Camp Olympia, Trinity, TX

FUSION 2024 is the most anticipated event of the year! Our theme this year is The Uprising. There is a movement happening among the people of God, because of God. Because of God’s holiness, we stand in awe. Because of God’s sacrifice, we rise from the grave. Because of God’s plan, we live abundantly. Because of God’s message, we spread hope like wildfire. We are longing for truth. But do we understand why God’s truths are of the utmost importance? Do we know how to respond to God under the banner of His love?

We’re ready to rise up for God’s name, His renown, and His glory. THE UPRISING is just the thing. THE UPRISING will help challenge our students to seek the things that are above, not the things of this earth, and to focus on living a life of impact for the sake of God and His glory.

Over this long weekend we will experience messages that reveal biblical truths, worship that enables everyone to surrender to God, discussions that encourage accountability, and games and activities that empower fellowship with peers. This retreat can’t happen without adult leaders like yourself, so register today!